Why Ramses II was considered one of the most successful rulers of Ancient Egypt?

      Ramses II was an extraordinary ruler of Ancient Egypt. He ruled for 67 years, and lived to be over 90 years old. He was around 30 years of age when he became pharaoh, and in his fourth year as ruler, Ramses was fighting in Syria in a series of campaigns against the Hittites and their allies. The Hittites, however, were very strong foes, and the war lasted for twenty years. In the end, neither side was victorious. Finally, after many years of war, Ramses was obliged to make a treaty with the prince of the Hittites. It was agreed that Egypt would not invade Hittites territory, and likewise, the Hittites wouldn’t invade Egyptian territory.

      The military genius of Ramses II helped to secure Egypt’s borders from foreign invaders, and pirates along the Mediterranean Coast and Libya. He also managed to fend off invasions from the Nubians. By forming peace treaties with these empires after warring with them, Ramses II helped to solidify Egypt’s borders on all sides, allowing for increased internal stability.

      Ramses II spent the rest of his life bolstering his image with huge building projects. His name is found everywhere on monuments and buildings in Egypt. His greatest works were the rock hewn temples of Abu Simbel. He also added to the temple of Amenhotep III at Luxor, and completed the hall of columns at Karnak – still the largest columned room of any building in the world.

       These monuments are a constant reminder of his great strength and wealth.