Why our planet’s rotation is decreasing?

Earth’s rotation is actually slowing down over time. This is caused by “tidal forces” between the Earth and the Moon. The side of the Earth that is closest to the Moon as it rotates is pulled more strongly by the tidal force of the Moon; the side of the Earth that is farther away from the Moon is pulled more weakly. The tidal forces pull on the water on the Earth, and this is what causes the tides to go in and out. Scientists think that the Moon was formed when a large space object collided with the Earth. It knocked out a large chunk of rock that became the Moon. When the Moon first formed, it was much closer to the Earth. As the Moon’s gravity pulls on Earth, causing the tides, this creates friction that slows down how fast the Earth can rotate: this means that the Earth’s rotation is slowing down a little bit each year!


Picture Credit : Google