Why King Porus is greatly admired?

           King Porus was the King of Paurava, an ancient state within the territory of Punjab. Porus fought Alexander the Great in the Battle of the Hydaspes River in 326 BC. He brought war elephants with him that terrified the Greeks and their horses. However, during a thunderstorm, Alexander’s troops crossed the Hydaspes, and the Indian chariots were unable to move through the rain-soaked mud.

           Alexander managed to get the upper hand, and the Indian elephants stampeded their own troops. Nearly all of the Indian cavalry were killed, though a few infantry men managed to flee. A wounded king Porus surrendered only after the destruction of his entire army. When Alexander asked him how he wanted to be treated, he gave the famous reply which has become classic: “As a king”.

           To this day, Porus’ reply is considered to represent the height of diplomatic skill.

           The proud manner in which the Indian leader accepted his defeat won Alexander’s admiration, and Porus was reappointed as satrap of his own kingdom.