Why is the Sagano Bamboo forest an amazing place to visit?

          Japan is a nation blessed with many attractions. It is a perfect destination for people who love the calmness of nature as well as the advancements of the world-because the country has it all – from mountains, beaches, national parks, temples, shrines, palaces and other majestic structures to skyscrapers, high speed bullet trains, shopping facilities, and pop culture.

          Among these numerous experiences, a visitor cannot miss the Sagano Bamboo forest. On a plain note, it is a forest cover of bamboo trees in the Arashiyama district close to Kyoto. For its breathtaking beauty, Sagano has been described as one of the most beautiful groves on Earth.

          However, it is not just to see the greenery that thousands of tourists come here every year, but also to ‘hear’ the forest! The distinct rustling sound of the bamboos here is so comforting and amazing that the Japanese Ministry of the Environment included the Sagano Bamboo Forest on its list of ‘100 sound-scapes of Japan’.