Why is the ohmmeter important measuring equipment?

        An ohmmeter is an electrical instrument used to measure resistance of a conductor. Resistance, as we have already seen, is the opposition offered by a substance to the current flow in the device. The unit of measurement for resistance is in ohms; hence the tool to measure it is called an ohmmeter.

        One must know that every device has a resistance, large or small. Resistance in conductors increases with temperature, but decreases in the case of semiconductors.

        Depending on the application, there are micro ohmmeters, milli ohmmeters, and mega ohmmeters used. A micro ohmmeter measures extremely low resistances with high accuracy whereas a milli ohmmeter measures the same and confirms the value of any electrical circuit. A mega ohmmeter measures large resistance values.

        There is a device called Fluke micro ohmmeter. It is used to measure voltage, current, and test diodes.