Why is the king cobra special?

The king cobra is the longest of the venomous land snakes, growing up to 5.5 metres in length. The king cobra is considered to be the most intelligent of all snakes. King cobras are generally found in dense or open rainforests, as well as swamps, bamboo thickets, and even around human settlements. They are excellent swimmers, often being found near streams, and are avid tree climbers.

 The snake can raise its head to a third of its length, and may even move forward while up-right. When the king cobra becomes scared or angry, ribs in the neck flatten out, expanding the folds of skin, and creating a long, narrow hood. It has a loud, intimidating hiss resembling a dog’s growl.

The king cobra is an active hunter. It preys almost exclusively on other snakes. It is not normally aggressive to humans, but it is hostile and dangerous during the breeding season or when cornered or startled. Its paralyzing venom is so copious and powerful that elephants have died within three hours of a bite.