Why is the box jellyfish so fearsome?

The box jellyfish feeds on prey like fish and shrimp, but it does not want their escape struggles to damage its delicate tentacles. So the jellyfish uses its powerful venom to stun or kill the prey instantly. The venom of the box jellyfish is among the most deadly in the world, attacking the heart, nervous system and skin cells. Humans struck with this venom sometimes go into shock and drown before reaching shore. The survivors have to endure intense pain for weeks, and carry scars where the tentacles touched. These jellyfish do not fire venom at anything that the tentacles touch. The stinging cells only react to some chemicals on the skin, so there’s no wastage of their weapon!

Also known as sea wasps and marine stingers, these deadly jelly-fish mostly live in the coastal waters near Northern Australia and in the Indo-Pacific. The box jellyfish are so named because of their cube-like shape. This group include various species of various sizes; the largest measuring about a foot across, and with tentacles about ten feet long. Some divers use tight-fitting clothes that cover the whole body to escape their venom.

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