Why is noise a nuisance?

          Every day we hear different kinds of sounds. Some are sweet and appealing, while some are highly disturbing.

          Noise refers to such unwanted sounds that are loud and unpleasant to hear. Technically, they cannot be distinguished from sound, as they are both vibrations through a medium like water or air. The difference rather happens inside the brain, which receives and perceives a sound.

          Commonly, noise is discussed in terms of decibels (dB), which is also the measure of loudness or intensity of a sound. There are different kinds of noise around us today, and one of it is environmental noise. Roughly speaking, this is the accumulation of all noise present in a specified environment.

          The sources of this noise are many – e.g. motor vehicles, aircrafts, trains and industrial sources.

          Besides, there are also factors like poor urban planning, construction works, industrial activities, and loud musical performances etc. that contribute to creating noise.

          Together, these factors regularly expose millions of people to noise pollution.