Why is my dog’s nose cold and wet?

Veterinarians think dogs secrete a thin layer of snot or just lick their noses – to keep them wet, which may help them detect the direction of interesting odors. Dogs with warm, dry noses are just as healthy as those with cold, wet ones.

Dogs are covered in hair and cannot sweat through their skin like people do. Instead, dogs dissipate heat through panting and by evaporation of moisture through their noses & paws. They have special glands inside the nose that secrete a watery fluid to keep the inside of the nose moist and to help keep the dog cool.

A warm nose does not always indicate a fever. The body temperature of your dog can only be determined with an actual thermometer. A warm and dry nose is common in healthy dogs after sleeping. Dry, chapped noses are common in older dogs and in some breeds like Bulldogs or Pugs.  Playing outside or sitting near a heat source can also cause a warm, dry nose.


Picture Credit : Google