Why is Larry Page ever remembered in history?

           Not many wings of the Internet have been as influential as Google, the most successful search engine in the history of information technology. Its popularity is such that the very term ‘google’ has entered our common parlance.

          For any doubt regarding anything under and above the Sun, one seeks to ‘google’ it up. This is thanks to Google’s founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

            Lawrence Page or Larry Page, the American computer scientist, was a research student in Stanford University when he co-founded Google Inc. The search engine he developed, listed results on any query, according to the importance of the pages. Google was named after ‘googol’, a mathematical term.

             Since its introduction, Google has been the most popular search engine, receiving around five billion searches daily. Page, who was the CEO of the firm, was ranked 17 on the Forbes’ List of the Most Powerful People, in 2013.

              In August 2015, Page and Brin created ‘Alphabet’, a new parent company to oversee Google and its subsidiaries. Page is now the CEO of the new venture. Page is also the inventor of Page Rank, Google’s search ranking algorithm.

             As of November 2016, Larry Page is known to be the 12th richest person in the world.