Why is it said that Ward Cunningham’s first Wiki changed history?

         American computer programmer Ward Cunningham is most famous for his idea of Wiki. This wizard is an expert in both design patterns and programming and started programming the software WikiWikiWeb in 1994. It was installed on the website of his Cunningham & Cunningham Inc, on March 25th, 1995. The company is renowned for object-oriented programming.

           Cunningham received his masters’ degree from the Purdue University. During his career, Cunningham has held top posts in various technology firms, including the Microsoft Corporation and About Us, where he was the Chief Technology Officer.

           In 1993, Cunningham co-founded the Hillside Group, an educational non-profit organization to help software developers.

           He has also authored a book on wikis titled ‘The Wiki Way’, and was the keynote speaker at the first three editions of the WikiSym conference series on wiki research and practice too. Cunningham is also credited to have made significant contribution to software design patterns.