Why is it said that the lives of gladiators in Rome were miserable?

            The most vicious sport that has ever existed in the history of the world were the fights between gladiators. It may sound appalling to us, but it’s true that gladiator fighting was a popular sport in Rome.

            Gladiators were slaves or prisoners who were forced to fight and kill each other for the entertainment of the Romans. Some fought against each other with deadly weapons such as swords, others fought with a net and a long three-pronged spear or trident. In most cases, gladiators fought till either one of them accepted defeat, or was killed.

            It was originally developed as a funeral ceremony in Rome, especially when the funeral was that of a wealthy and a powerful person.

            In 73 BC, the gladiators with Spartacus as their leader, escaped from the Gladiator school. Though they had an initial victory over the Roman army, they were later hunt down by them. Spartacus got killed and everyone with him was hunted down.