Why is it said that the Han dynasty played a major role in shaping China?

          China had two dynasties that made important contributions to the country, and the Han dynasty is one among them. Han dynasty in the second imperial dynasty alters the Qin dynasty. This dynasty ruled China for the longest period.  

          The Han dynasty began with a peasant revolt, which was led by Lin Bang, against the then emperor Qin. He later changed his name to Han Gaozu, and established the Han dynasty. The era of the Han dynasty was a period of Invention and science. The first suspension bridge was built, and Chinese medicine was developed. Paper was one of the important Inventions as it helped the government to keep records of the empire. Other inventions include crop rotation, iron casting, and advances in mathematics, and astronomy.

          Chinese merchants traded across the continent of Asia. During the Han dynasty, the nobles led lives of luxury. It was an era of peace and prosperity, and allowed China to expand to a major world power.