Why is it said that the Etruscans were a major part of Ancient Rome?

          The Etruscan Civilization was a brilliant civilization and played a major role in developing Ancient Rome. Their achievements set the stage for the development of ancient Roman art and culture. 

          The Etruscan economy was based on agriculture, trade, and mineral resources. The Etruscans learnt a lot from the Greeks. They maintained a strong trade relationship with Greece. They were experts in metallurgy, and they exported metals to Greek, which added prosperity to them. They also used iron.

          The Etruscans ruled much of northern Italy, and set up kingdoms in Rome. Their cities were marvellous with stone temples and statues.

          The Etruscans’ homes were built of mud bricks, with timber on stone foundation. They dug canals and ditches to bring water to their fields. Soon many of the other tribes in Italy began to copy Etruscan ways. Undoubtedly Etruscans influenced the early Rome.