Why is it said that lightning is one of the major sources of electricity?

          Lightning could be attractive to a few and scary to others, but it is definitely a phenomenon that stirs one’s curiosity! How many of us know that it is a powerful burst of electricity that happens very quickly during a thunderstorm?

         Technically, lightning is caused by an electric charge in the atmosphere. It is known to contain millions of volts of electricity. Lightning can occur inside, or between the clouds.

          Let’s see how lightning happens. Within the thunderclouds up in the sky, there are bits of frozen raindrops that rub against each other. This collision creates an electric charge. As it continues, the cloud fills up with electric charge. On top of the clouds the positively charged protons form, and at the bottom, negatively charged electrons. Since opposite charges attract, this results in a new charge building up. This charge concentrates on the ground under the cloud, mostly on things that stick up like mountains, tall trees, electric posts and even people.