Once a dominate platform, support for the 27-year-old browser was officially ended just a fortnight ago by its company Microsoft.

The end of Internet Explorer (IE) will come as no real surprise to most PC users, given that it has been superseded by a newer Microsoft browser called Edge, launched in 2015.

IE was once the most dominant browsing platform, with an estimated peak market share in the early 2000s of over 90%-thanks to being contentiously bundled in with the Windows PC operating system.

However, today’s market is very much different to that found when IE launched in 1995. Then Netscape Navigator ruled the browsing world until IE dethroned it. Now Google’s Chrome is the most successful browsing tool, with a 64.95% market share, followed by Apple’s Safari on 19.01%.

The future of Mozilla’s once popular Firefox looks questionable as it flounders with a dwindling share of just 3.26%.

Picture Credit : Google 

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