Why is Harriet Martineau’s life inspiring?

Harriet Martineau is an inspiration for women with multiple disabilities. She suffered from ill heath, a number of disabilities, and deep childhood unhappiness. Still she became a major intellectual force of her day. Not only was she a scholarly success, but she exerted a strong social force to improve the status of women and the poor.

From an early age, Harriet suffered from various weaknesses. She had no sense of smell or taste, and later, became deaf too. Her family became very poor after the death of her father, and a man of whom she was very fond of, died. In spite of all these setbacks, she wrote extensively on female education and women’s rights, and on economics and politics. She published devotional exercises anti addresses, prayers and hymns, and also stood up for the poor, and spoke up against slavery.

Harriet developed a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. Writers from abroad, such as Erasmus, praised her work. Amazingly, she underwent a course of treatment that completely cured her of all her ailments. Some of her books became best sellers, thus solving all her financial difficulties as well. Now don’t you agree that her life is truly an inspiration to everyone?