Why is DTS a leader in digital sound?

            DTS is the short form of ‘Dedicated to Sound’. It is a series of multi-channel audio technologies owned by the American company DTS, Inc. The latter has specialized in digital surround sound formats used for commercial, theatrical, and consumer grade applications.

            Founded in 1993, DTS focuses on the development of surround sound audio technology like encoding, decoding, and processing works, used in both cinema and home theatre applications. It must be noted that DTS is not only a company name, but also a label it uses to identify its group of surround sound audio technologies.

            The 1993 megahit film ‘Jurassic Park’ by Steven Spielberg was the first theatrical movie that employed DTS audio surround sound technology. And, the first home theatre application of DTS audio was the release of Jurassic Park on Laser-disc in the year 1997.

            However, since its very start, DTS has played a very important role in the audio technology of films.