Why is an aurora considered to be the most fantastic electrical phenomenon on Earth?

            An aurora is a display of coloured lights that occur naturally in the night sky. It is mainly seen in high latitude regions like the Arctic and the Antarctic.

            When they happen in the northern latitude, the effect is also called the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. When it occurs in the southern latitude, it is referred to as the Southern Lights, or Aurora Australis.

            Scientists and witnesses say that auroras mostly appear like curtains that extend in the east-west direction. They also happen to be the brightest, and the most distinctive kind.

            Depending on the altitude, they shine in different colours, including blue, violet, red, bright green, ruby red etc.

           Reasons behind the formation of auroras are still debated. According to one of the theories, the effect is caused by charged particles from the sun that interacts with the Earth’s atmosphere.

            Many myths and legends are also built around the presence of auroras.