Why is Alexander truly ‘the Great’?

          Alexander was considered as one of the greatest military commanders in history. Alexander was the son of Philip of Macedonia and Olympias.

          Alexander was taught by Aristotle, and he respected the Greek greatly. At the age of 16, brave Alexander was made the captain of Macedonian army. When he became the king, he was so determined to conquer Greece and Persia. His first act was to crush the revolt by the people of Thebes, to secure his grip on Greece.

          For the next 13 years Alexander marched his troops from battle to battle. He conquered more and more territories. Alexander never lost a battle. He died in June 323 BC, about a month before his 33rd birthday. By the time of his death, he had built over 70 cities, and had conquered the entire known world in the Mediterranean region. He also had introduced Greek lifestyle, in every land, he won over.