Why has radio had such an impact on modern life?

Radio was a technological revolution that changed forever the way we lived our lives. Its invention gave us a whole new medium of getting both information and entertainment. News broadcasts, music programmes, variety shows, serials… radio offer us a dazzling variety of ways with which to keep abreast of what is happening in the world, and also to enjoy ourselves. Some radio stations like the BBC and Voice of America transmit around the globe. There are also smaller radio stations that broadcast to a local area.  Radio also changed the way we communicate. Two way radios help people like ambulance drivers to communicate with hospitals. Policemen use radios to keep in touch, and pilots use them while in the air and to fly safely in and out of airports. Children in Australia are sometimes taught by two way radios, because they live so far from any school. When man landed on the moon, the words that he spoke could be heard on our radios almost immediately… that is the magic of radio!