Why does the Zamboni machine take to the ice during Hockey games?

You think hockey players take a beating during a typical game? Take a look at the ice after the first period! The skate blades carve chasms into the ice as the players race around the rink, body checking each other and performing zigzagging fake-outs known as dekes. Repairing the mini-crevasses would take more than an hour by hand, so in the 1940s inventor Frank Zamboni developed a machine that smoothed the ice in minutes.

The Zamboni is a mechanical ice resurfacer. It works by scraping the ice surface and collecting the snow (which is later discarded). Next, it “cleans” the ice, by putting down water which flushes the grooves deep in the ice, loosening any dirt or debris. The excess water and dirt is then collected. Finally, the Zamboni puts down a thin layer of heated water–which freezes and creates a smooth surface. 


Picture Credit : Google