Why does drinking a soda with caffeine make me hyper?

Caffeine – a chemical extracted from coffee beans, cacao (the source of chocolate), cola nuts (used in, you guessed it, cola), and tea leaves – offers no nutritional value, yet some adults can’t start their day without a jolt from their cup of joe. The caffeine in coffee, tea, energy drinks, pop, and chocolate stimulates the central nervous system, delivering a boost energy while clearing away the cobwebs of drowsiness (which is why people feel charged up after chugging down a caffeinated drink). But caffeine’s effects are temporary. Once the caffeine wears off, you’re left feeling drained and foggy. You might even have a headache. Drinking too much caffeine will cause your heart to race and your hands to shake. And good luck getting to sleep if you slurp a soda before bedtime.


Picture Credit : Google