Why does a boomerang return to its thrower?

These uncanny flying objects – which have been wielded as hunting weapons for thousands of years – always return to their tosser (as long as they’re thrown correctly). The secret of the boomerang’s round-trip flight lies in its shape. A curved design combines two wings joined in the middle. Once the boomerang wielder launches the weapon using a strong overhand toss (similar to chucking a baseball), the boomerang back to its point of origin. The Guinness World Record for the longest boomerang throw is a staggering 1,402 feet (427 m)! It was a one-way trip; the boomerang got stuck in a tree. If you threw a boomerang in space it would return to your hand just like it would if you threw it on Earth – a fact verified by experiments on the International Space Station. It’s the passage of air over a boomerang’s wings, not the force of gravity, that’s crucial to a boomerang’s return flight.


Picture Credit : Google