Why do we say “butterflies in my stomach”?

It is a familiar sensation to anyone who has faced a pop quiz, given a speech in front of classmates, or asked a special someone on a date. Your mouth goes dry, your palms get wet with sweat, your heart goes pitter-patter, and your stomach starts to flutter (hence the expression). Of course, you don’t really have a butterfly bouncing around in your belly. These uneasy feelings are your body’s natural reaction to dangerous or stressful situations – a reaction known as the fight-or-flight response. Your brain triggers the release of chemicals that increase the circulation in your stomach and causes the fluttery effect. It’s your body’s way of getting ready to fight or flee a threat – a holdover from when your ancestors had to contend with saber-toothed predators. Hey, that pop quiz doesn’t seem so bad now.


Picture Credit : Google