United Nations Day

Can you think of a group that works for peace all over the world? One of the world’s most important peacemakers is the United Nations (UN).

The United Nations was started on October 24, 1945. It began just after World War II (1939-1945). More people died in that war than in any other war in history. Many people agreed that such a war must never happen again. So they started a group that now has more than 180 countries working for peace.

Today, the United Nations tries to solve problems around the world before they lead to war. It also helps people with farming and building, and it helps many countries improve their education and health-care programmes. To honour the United Nations and its work, many people celebrate United Nations Day on October 24. Around the world, people have peace marches, sports events, exhibits, musical performances, and special talks about UN programmes.

Some children in the U.S.A. help raise money for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) every year on October 31. This day is Halloween, and the children collect money while trick-or-treating. UNICEF uses the money to provide food, medical care, and other services for poor children throughout the world.

Picture Credit : Google