Why do we celebrate Republic Day in India?

Republic Day in India

Rose petals fall from the sky. Huge elephants wearing clanging bells and shining beads lumber down the street along with big, armoured tanks. What a parade! It’s Republic Day, a national holiday in India.

Republic Day, January 26, marks the date in 1950 when India had its own constitution, or set of basic laws. People in India celebrate this as a big step in their independence from Great Britain.

On Republic Day, celebrations occur all over India. The biggest celebration takes place in New Delhi, the capital city. There, a great parade travels down the Raj Path, or Government Road.

Many parades begin with rose petals being dropped from helicopters. Then bands begin to play and Indian soldiers called jawans march in perfect order. The parading elephants carry musicians wearing brightly coloured turbans. As the parade ends, thousands of green, white, and orange-yellow balloons – the colours of India’s flag – float into the air. For the next two days, folk dancers entertain crowds throughout New Delhi.

Picture Credit : Google