Eyes are the most delicate of the sensory organs. They need constant lubrication. They must also be kept crystal clear for good vision. Blinking serves the dual purpose of cleaning and lubricating our eyes. It helps keep the eyes moist by coating them with tears released by the tear glands and lubricating oil released by sebaceous glands present near the eyelashes. These fluids rinse away all the dust particles.

Blinking also helps guard our eyes against a sudden blow. We blink automatically when there is a loud noise or when something moves too quickly.

Most people blink about 15 times a minute. Scientists have found that people blink less when they are alert. For example, car drivers blink less in city traffic when they need to be extremely alert than while driving on the open road.

Nervous people tend to blink more frequently. Lawyers say witnesses under cross-examination blink more often than those facing friendly questioning.

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