“Why do voices differ from person to person?”

Our voice is an important part of our personality, which often identifies and characterizes us. An organ called the larynx, which is especially adapted to act as a vibrator, creates the sound of our voice. The vibrating vocal cords in the larynx, stretched and positioned by specific muscles, protrude from its lateral walls towards the centre of the glottis. During normal breathing, the folds in the vocal cords remain open to allow air to pass through easily. During speech, the folds close together so that the passage of air between these will cause vibration. Do you know that the pitch of vibration in your vocal cords determines the quality and tone of your voice? This, in turn is determined by the degree of stretch of the folds, mass of the edges of the folds, and how tightly the folds are approximated to each other. Since these three aspects vary from person to person, there are differences in people’s voices.A person can, however, voluntarily change the sound of his or her voice by changing the resonating qualities of the different stretchers of resonators like mouth, nose, and even the chest cavity. This is an art that has been perfected by actors, mimics, and ventriloquists