Why do they say money makes the world go around?

Because it buys about everything we need to survive: food, homes, gas for our cars, electricity, heat, water, and cookies-and-cream milk shakes. People invest money in stocks, bank savings plans, property, and their education to eventually make more money.

The importance of money becomes very clear when a person has no money, Money for a poor person is everything, it becomes very important for him to earn so that he can fulfill his basic needs. However, recently everyone has become consumption oriented. We want to buy anything that is new on the market and catches our interest and we are falling prey to the attractive packaging and advertisements of a product. Thus we buy things that we have little need for which in turn makes us want more money. Money enables us to afford a better quality of life; more money means bigger and better houses and cars, better quality products, better entertainment etc. Another advantage is less stress in paying bills and other household expenses. Money may also allow a person to pursue his dreams, for example a person who wants to attain higher education may not be able to without money. 


Picture Credit : Google