Why do some fictional islands seem real?

Many great authors have written about islands that they have created in their imagination. These islands are sometimes the focus, and sometimes the setting for unforgettable stories and epics.

Ancient Greek writers created islands called Ogygia and Erytheia. Some other famous fictional islands are to be found in epics like the Odyssey by Homer, and in books such as The Tempest, Lord of the Flies, Robinson Crusoe, Moby Dick, Dr. Moreau’s Island, and Treasure Island.

One reason why islands are popular settings for stories is that there is something inspiring, mysterious and romantic about the sea that stirs the imagination.

Moreover, a fictional island gives an author the freedom to depict a place as he wants to, without being limited by geographical facts.

These fictional islands have become very popular-so popular in fact that they are better known than many real islands!