People are shouting, “The water is rising. The river has reached the streets! Get to higher ground. It’s a flood!”

A flood happens when water runs over land that is usually dry. Rivers most often flood. Normally, much of the rain that falls on land runs into the nearest river. Water from melting ice and snow also runs into rivers. So, when there is a long, heavy rain, or lots of melting ice and snow, millions of tonnes of water may pour into a river.

Just as a bath will overflow if you keep running water into it, the river soon spills over its banks and floods the land around it.

Some rivers flood regularly. The people who live near them prepare for floods by piling bags of sand along the riverbanks. This keeps some of the water from spilling over the banks.

Sometimes lakes and seacoasts flood. Hurricanes and other bad storms can cause floods along the seacoast. Their strong winds push great waves far onto the land. Soon, much of the shore is underwater.

Picture Credit : Google