Why do people take part in Internet memes?

A meme is an idea or a behavior that spreads from person to person while subtly changing over time. Internet memes spread through emails, social media, and on message boards. Unlike viral videos, memes invite people to participate in the behavior or customize the message. Web surfers hope their cheesy tweaks will gain them Internet fame.

Memes that are shared on social media can be widely spread from Facebook, WhatsApp. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Viber and many more.  The majority of internet memes are passed on by teenagers and adults. There are several ways in which a meme can be shared, one is by uploading it on your social media page e.g. Facebook or Instagram, then it is shared or retweeted to your followers. You can say, internet memes are just the adjusted form of sharing a short message or idea.


Picture Credit : Google