Why do people spread gossip?

Researchers have found that between 65 and 80 percent of all conversations could be considered gossip – idle chatter and rumors about people’s private lives. Surprised? Don’t pretend you’ve never dished some dirt yourself! But gossip isn’t all bad, and it does serve a purpose. According to one study, about 5 percent of it is mean-spirited. The rest is considered crucial to making people feel connected and establishing the rules for a functional society.

As a general rule, people associate the concept of gossip with unnecessary, not very relevant information. And sometimes, it’s exactly like that. Think about the rumors we hear about famous people who don’t actually affect our lives.

But other times, gossip can be useful from an individual point of view. Asking a lot of questions can get you valuable information, which can then open up new opportunities to you. However, this type of behavior could be labeled as opportunistic. On top of that, it can also hurt your reputation.


Picture Credit : Google