Why do people kill sharks?

People kill millions of sharks every year, some to protect swimmers, others for food or just for sport. If too many are killed, sharks might disappear altogether.

How can we learn more about sharks?

These days, people are more keen to learn about sharks. You can visit an aquarium to watch and find out more about these fascinating fish.

Amazing! Scientists can now tell a lot from some sharks’ behaviour. By studying a creature’s movements and senses, they know when a shark is just being nosy, or when it’s about to attack. By learning more, we may kill fewer sharks, and suffer fewer shark attacks.

Which scientists dress like knights of old?

Scientists studying sharks sometimes wear chain-mail suits for protection. They may tag a shark’s fins to learn how quickly and far it can travel.

Is it true? We’ve discovered all the sharks that exist.

No. Megamouth was first seen in 1976. Scientists think that there might be more sharks waiting to be discovered in the depths of the oceans.

Picture Credit : Google