Why do I have fingerprints?

Those whirls, swirls, loops, and arches on your fingertips (and toes, in case you didn’t know) are unique to you – even if you have an identical twin – and they remain unchanged throughout your entire life. In fact, the faint ridges known as fingerprints from before you’re even born. Fluids in the womb put pressure on your developing digits, which combined with your rate of growth and genetic makeup, create one-of-a-kind designs. Ah, you want to know the point of those fingertip designs (well, besides incriminating crooks who forget to wear gloves). Scientists have put forth all sorts of possible reasons. Fingerprints might magnify the hand’s ability to detect vibrations, for example, or improve our sense of touch. They also might work like tire trends to help us grip objects.


Picture Credit : Google