Why do I have a sense of taste?

Scientists have determined that the human tongue is attuned to several flavors: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, savory (think soy sauce), and possibly fat. Telling the difference between these tastes was crucial to our prehistoric survival. Bitter flavors, for instance, may have signaled a poisonous plant. Sour tastes indicated a spoiled supper. Sweet, savory, and fatty flavors were tired to foods with a lot of energy.

The ability to taste is so crucial to the act of eating that when we can’t taste our food we just don’t have the desire to eat as much as we usually do. Weight loss is common for people who can’t taste or smell their food for whatever reason. For some of us this may be desirable, but for others it can lead to impaired immunity, poor nutritional status and the worsening of some diseases.

The ability to taste and smell our food is vitally important for our health and well being. For some people who may have a diminished sense of taste, using a flavor enhancer such as monosodium glutamate can help counteract the problem.


Picture Credit : Google