Why do ducks have webbed feet?

Water birds have skin between their toes. Their feet are like paddles, helping them move easily through the water. They can also walk on mud without sinking in.

Amazing! Jacanas are water birds that live in tropical places. Their very long toes allow them to step on water plants without sinking. They are sometimes called ‘lily-trotters’.

Is it true? Birds stand on one leg when they’ve hurt their foot.

No. When a bird stands on one leg, it is keeping the other foot warm, tucked up under its feathers.

What has legs like stilts?

Herons and storks have very long legs which look like stilts. They are ideal for standing or wading in shallow water, where the birds use their long beaks to catch fish and frogs.

Why don’t birds fall when they sleep?

Birds have a long tendon attached to each toe. When they rest on branches or another perch, they bend their legs and their toes lock around the perch.

Picture Credit : Google