Why do dogs sniff each other’s behinds?

Spot’s sense of smell is a hundred times more sensitive than yours, and he lives in a world where odor is information. Glands on a dog’s backside transmit all sorts of info about his or her identity, including age, sex, social status, and much more. So when dogs sniff each other’s stinky parts, they’re really just saying hello.

If both dogs are healthy, well-socialized, and supervised, it’s actually a good idea to let them “sniff it out” as much as they want (provided each dog is tolerating it well). Dogs may actually be less likely to fight if they take an adequate amount of “getting-to-sniff-you” time with one another. However, some dogs may get intense with the sniffing while other dogs need their personal space.

Watch the behavior and body language of all dogs. If one dog is overdoing it and the other dog seems annoyed or stresses, then the owners should call their dogs away. Also, it’s ideal to let dogs meet and play in pairs. Dogs are more likely to get overexcited in groups, which can lead to fights. 


Picture Credit : Google