Why do birds have feathers?

Birds have three different kinds of feathers: down to keep warm; body feathers to cover and protect; and flight feathers. Baby birds have down feathers and can’t fly until they’ve grown all their flight feathers.

Is it true? All flamingos are pink.

No. In the wild, flamingos are generally pink. Colour from the food is absorbed and passes to the feathers. But in captivity, their feathers can turn white if they have a change of diet.

Amazing! Most birds have over 1,000 feathers and some birds have an enormous number. Swans have about 25,000 feathers-more than almost any other bird!

How do birds keep clean?

All birds comb, or preen, their feathers with their beaks and claws. Love birds preen each other. Most birds also spread oil on their feathers from a gland above the tail, which keeps them waterproof.

Why are some feathers bright and others dull?

Many woodland birds, such as the tawny frogmouth, have dull feathers so that they can blend in with their background and keep safe. Male birds are often more brightly coloured to attract a mate.

Picture Credit : Google