Why do animals make sounds?


Have you ever wondered what animals is “saying” when they tweet, squeak, mew, or bark?

Sometimes, animals make sounds to find a mate. But other sounds are calls for help or cries of danger. A dolphin that is hurt makes a high whistling noise to get the attention of other dolphins. The other dolphins use their backs and flippers to keep the injured dolphin near the top of the water so it can breathe.

Some animals “talk” without using any sounds. Deer and many other animals mark their territory by rubbing a special scent on trees or bushes. Glands in the faces of some male deer give off a scent that warns other males to stay away.

Other animals communicate by changing their body positions. Whenever two wolves in the same family meet, they use their bodies to show which wolf has a higher rank, or position. The high-ranking wolf stands straight, holds its tail high, and points its ears forwards. A low-ranking wolf crouches, holds its tail between its legs, and flattens its ears.