Why did Vikings wear horned helmets?

Don’t believe everything you see in movies and at Halloween parties. Although Vikings are shown as fearsome horn-helmeted raiders in popular culture, archaeological evidence paints a more clearheaded picture. The Norse warriors wore simple iron helmets or no helmets at all.

The bowl of a Viking helmet was made from several pieces of iron joined together with rivets. A band of iron circled the bowl and two other bands crossed at the top of the helmet, and the four openings created were filled with iron plates, creating the bowl shape. Some Vikings helmets had chain mail curtains to provide greater protection to the neck. Other helmets had cheek protectors made from iron plates.

It is estimated that Viking helmets weighed between 2kg and 4kg. Viking warriors often wore their helmets all day long. It is thought that Viking warriors marked their helmets in some way before battles to indicate who they were fighting for.


Picture Credit : Google