Why did the dinosaurs disappear?

Some scientists think it was because a large meteorite hit Earth or because huge volcanoes erupted and the climate changed. Movement of land and seas meant there were also fewer places for dinosaurs to live. It could be all of these reasons.

Amazing!  A Huge crater 180 km across has been found on the seabed near Mexico. It was formed 65 million years ago. Could this be from a meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs?

Why would a meteorite wipe out the dinosaurs?

When the meteorite hit the surface of the Earth, there would have been a huge explosion. Dust would fill the air, blocking out the Sun’s light for several months. Without the Sun vegetation would die, the plant-eaters would die, and finally the large meat-eaters would starve.

Is it true? People may have caused dinosaurs to become extinct.

No. People and dinosaurs have never lived at the same time. There is a 60 million year gap between the last dinosaurs and the first human beings. So don’t believe all the films that you see!

Did all the animals disappear?

No, although many other species died out along with the dinosaurs. These included Pterosaurs and marine reptiles such as Plesiosaurs. Most bigger animals became extinct. But smaller animals survived, and these creatures evolved in a world without the dinosaur.

Picture Credit : Google