Why did NASA invent Tang and Velcro?

Although the drink mix Tang and sticky Velcro tape will forever be associated with rockets to the moon and space stations (both Tang and Velcro were shot into space in the early days of the space program), NASA didn’t invent either product. Still, plenty of other spin-offs-or technologies adapted for use here on Earth – came out of NASA-sponsored labs, including:

Memory foam: The spongy material in your mattress was originally designed for aircraft seat cushions.

Ear thermometers: NASA developed heat sensors that doctors now use to take your temperature without sticking a thermometer under your tongue.

Artificial limbs: NASA’s research into robotic astronauts has resulted in more realistic and functional arms and legs for people who have lost theirs in accidents or combat.

Invisible braces: Straightening your pearly whites no longer requires a mouthful of metal, thanks to a tough, transparent plastic originally created for missile systems.


Picture Credit : Google