Why are some people mean on the Internet?

Armies of jerks lurk on the Internet. And even the most mundane topics set off these cyber-bullying “trolls,” who pick fights over everything from politics to sci-fi plots to sports stats to the merits of a particular pop star. Psychologists think they know why the Internet brings out the worst in people. Human are social animals and evolved with brains wired for face-to-face interaction. The Internet, for all it has done to spread knowledge and shrink the world, has in some ways pushed people farther apart. Web browsers remove people’s faces from conversations while adding anonymity, letting complete strangers behave badly without consequences. Research has shown that people are more likely to criticize others if they’re not in the same room. So while you can’t do anything to curb cattiness online, you can choose to treat others with respect. And escaping the lair of the Internet troll is as easy as hitting the Back button.


Picture Credit : Google