Why are satellites helpful in communication?

 A satellite is a body in orbit around a planet. A satellite can be natural like the moon which orbits around the earth, or manmade. In fact almost every spaceship launched from earth can be considered a satellite, as it is orbiting either the earth or the sun.  Manmade satellites have six main uses. They are used for scientific investigation, earth observation, weather forecasting, navigation and communications. Satellites also have military uses.Satellites orbiting the earth must travel at great speed to avoid being pulled down by the earth’s gravity. Some satellites called geostationary satellites are positioned over areas where they are most needed and are most useful for spying!Communication satellites are earth orbiting spacecraft that provide communication over long distances by reflecting or relaying radio frequency signals. Radio, telephone and television signals are bounced off satellites to cover the greatest possible area. There are hundreds of communication satellites now in orbit. They receive signals from one ground station, amplify them, and them transmit them at a different frequency to another station