Why are head injuries dangerous?

In times of war, soldiers use special helmets to protect their heads. While driving a scooter, the riders often wear helmets to protect their heads against any injury. In many cities the governments have even made the helmets compulsory for riders. Do you know why the protection of head is necessary?

The most important part of our body, the brain, is located in the cranium under the protection of bones. The human brain is divided into three main parts: the cerebrum, the cerebellum and medulla oblongata. It controls all the important functions of the body – sight, taste, smell, hearing, touch, movements, memory, speech etc. Any damage to brain can disturb the proper body functioning.

Our brain is protected by the thick bone of the skull. Further a shock absorbing fluid cushions it against the blows of bumps. But if the blow is sharp or hard enough it can injure the skull. Thus to protect the brain from injuries it is essential to first protect the head.

Now the question arises what may be the consequences of head injuries?

A severe head injury due to an accident may cause brain hemorrhage which eventually may lead to death. The injury may damage the memory unit of brain by which a man can loose memory temporarily or permanently. It has been often seen that after having a severe injury of head people remain in coma for long periods.

If the brain tissues are damaged it may give rise to multiple sclerosis. Parkinson’s disease is caused by a disorder of brain chemistry which may result due to head injury. Brain injury may cause aphasia, a serious disorder of thought and communication. Apart from these effects many other disabling conditions can be generated by head injuries.

It is therefore essential to protect the head against injuries.