Why are animals in danger?

Animals in Danger 
Hundreds of years ago, thousands of birds called dodos lived on the earth. But people overhunted them for food and introduced new animal enemies to their habitats. Now there are no dodos. Today, the numbers of polar bears, rhinoceroses, tigers, and many other animals are going down. These animals are in danger. Why? 
• Their homes are being destroyed. 
• People hunt them for their fur, horns, skins, and meat. Some are hunted for sale as pets and some because people think they are pests. 
• Pollution kills them. 
• Growing numbers of people crowd out animals and use up all the land and food. 
• People introduce new animals to a habitat, upsetting the balance of nature. 
Unless people work hard to save them, many other animals will become extinct like the dodo. 

Picture Credit : Google