Why, and how, did Ancient Man use stone tools?

        Man’s invention of tools was probably the greatest milestone in his intellectual growth.

        The Palaeolithic period is the earliest period of human existence, and Man did not know about metals at that time. He, however, did discover that by hitting one rock with another, pieces of stone would chip off, and the first rock would become sharp. He used this sharpened rock as an instrument for cutting and scraping. Early Man learnt to make fire by striking two stones together, and then, he used fire to split rocks to make his tools.

        Later, he learnt to make sharp points for arrow and spear heads. Gradually, wood was used to make handles for crude axes and hammers. Slowly, the tools made by Man became more effective and efficient, not only in killing animals, but also in skinning dead animals. The skins were then used for protection against the cold. Stone Age tools have been found in hilly areas in present day Pakistan, Kashmir, Rajasthan, south Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and other parts of Peninsular India.

Picture Credit : Google