Why Albert Einstein is called a scientific genius?

Albert Einstein was an intellectual giant whose scientific achievements influenced the philosophy of science forever.

   Born in Germany, he made awesome contributions to the field of theoretical physics, and in 1921, won a Nobel Prize for his work in this field.

   In 1905, he began publishing the components of his special Theory of Relativity, in which he demonstrated that time was relative to he speed at which the observer was travelling.

  The essence of Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity was that if matter is converted into energy released can be shown in the simple formula E=mc2 where c represents the velocity of light, E the energy, and m the mass.

   In 1915, Einstein rocked the world with his General Theory of Relativity. It explained a lot of how time and distance may change due to the ‘relative’ or different speed of the object and the observer. Einstein became famous overnight, and all of a sudden, he was showered with honours from all over the world!

     Einstein’s vision and his theories of relativity and quantum physics are without doubt, the hallmarks of a scientific genius.